What is a data center migration services?

Data Center Migration services is the process of relocating or  migrating an existing data center from one working location to another without or less data loss, this relocation or migration process requires no actual physical movement. This migration is logical .

Data center migration include  coordination and planning between multiple teams, including network, security, storage, facilities, application, server and compliance teams.

data center migration services

Why to Choose our data center migration services

Move without disrupting your business

Our data center migration are helpful in the physical movement of their data center equipment. We can provide businesses the end-to-end physical solutions including initial discovery auditing to the delivery of full cabling solutions.

Prolific Group’s migration help you with securely movement of workloads with minimal interruption to your business functions. We try to reduce the risk of data corruption with the help of best practices, such as application dependency mapping, to ensure successful workload and application transfers.

data center migration services

Simplify your infrastructure

We help you with Simplification of your infrastructure. It helps with costs saving and boost operational efficiency with our workloads-focused IT Migration services. Migrations are high-profile, strategic projects that are carried out with the goal of reducing costs first and foremost. However, such efforts have an impact on business operations, service level agreements, and application performance availability. Poor planning is the biggest risk in a successful data center migrations.

Our services helps you with:

  • Data protection
  • Business uptime
  • Service availability

Best Practices Data Center Migration

Datacenter migration help us to migrate an entire data center to a new IT environment. Here are some best practices for data center migration services.

  1. Create a Migration Plan.
  2. Evaluate Migration Destination Options.
  3. Identify Scope, Time, and Cost in migration processes.
  4. Determine Resource Required for data center management. 
  5. Build a Checklist for Data Center Migration 
  6. Planning Data and Application Migration.
  7. Planning Hardware for data center Migration .
  8. Re-Verify Target Data Center.
  9. Pre-Production  Launch Tests.
  10. Assume that All Assumptions Fail.
  11. Post-Migration Testing.