What is agile project management?

Agile project management is ongoing process to manage the projects. It is totally based on continuous additions of features and incorporating customer feedback with every iteration.

Prolific Group can help you develop an Agile transformation roadmap to increased team productivity and engagement, enhanced solution quality, and prioritized business value delivery with significantly reduced project cost and risk.

Agile Project Management

We can help you deploy best-in-class Agile project methodologies

Principles of an agile

Agile project management focuses on delivering maximum value against business priorities. It relys on time and budget allowed, especially when the drive to deliver is greater than the risk. Customer satisfaction is always the highest priority in Agile Projects and It is achieved with the help of rapid and continuous delivery. It totally depends on Face-to-face meetings and it is efficient and effective format for project success.

Project is delivered with higher frequency and business owners and developer team collaborate closely on a daily basis.

The benefits of agile

  • Helps to increase flexibility.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Helps to increase transparency.
  • Higher quality projects deliverables.
  • Less risk of missed objectives.
  • Increased engagement and satisfaction. 

Agile methodology adoption

It is basically designed  for the software industry, but currently many industries are using agile project management when developing products and services.It is highly collaborative and more efficient methodology.

Advantages of agile for project management

  • Development processes fully optimized.
  • light weight and easy framework.
  • Focused on  customer needs .
  • Lots of rapid deployment of solutions.
  • With minimization of resources, it reduces waste of resources.
  • Increased adaptabilit and flexibility.
  • Increased success.
  • Fast turnaround time.
  • Faster issues detection.
  • Increased collaboration and feedback.

The drawbacks of agile

Agile is not best-suited for every project.It is always recommended to identify the best methodology for each difrent projects. Agile will not work if a customer is not clear about goals.If a team is inexperienced, or if they do not function well under significant pressure the agile project will fail.